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At The Patio Factory, we offer pergola designs that will blow your mind!  We use the best quality materials available in Western Australia to create designs that promote the outdoor lifestyle we know you enjoy.  Our range of designs includes but are not limited to ever-popular Stratco Outback® pergola and patio models.  As well, we offer complete ground up designs that accent your home or business. Why shop around? Get exactly what you want. We are able to provide custom solutions for all your desired pergola options. We offer a free design and quotation as well as a consultation and presentation so that we can go over the options with you in person, in your space or ours. You know they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words”, well we aren’t building words; we are building pergolas. We believe you need to see, feel and touch the options so that you can make an informed decision as to what you want and need.

Our Australian-made Bluescope® Steel is exceptionally strong and comes in a variety of Colorbond® colors. Bluescope® Steel is mega strong! All those Transformers® are made of Bluescope® Steel! That’s how they keep coming back, movie after movie! Seriously, strength and durability are paramount with Bluescope® Steel.  The Colorbond® colour pallet offers many options to either match your existing structure or compliment it. The choice is yours.

Our modular roofing options are a whole other story.  The Cooldek® and SolarSpan® Roofing Systems are a combination of products that include insulation, roofing material and a finished ceiling surface all in one dynamic product. 

Cooldek® also offers stellar spanning quality up to 7 meters.  The strength and spanning options mean that less framing and structural requirements leave you with a view that is to die for.  Cooldek® also offers insulation properties that are far superior to others in the market.  Let’s not forget the interior channels that Cooldek® is manufactured with.  These channels offer a place to hide electrical cords for fans, lights and anything else your heart desires. Don’t clutter your look with wiring.  If you want to cool your outdoor space, enjoy a view of the serene countryside surrounding you and thoroughly enjoy your outdoor lifestyle, Cooldek® is the way to go.

SolarSpan®, our other insulated roofing panel has a polystyrene center that both deadens noise and blocks the heat. So again, cooling and coverage.  Solar Span® installs with ease and helps to update the look and feel of your structure.  Again the Colorbond® pallet plays a huge part in this. Match or compliment existing structures.  With SolarSpan® maintenance is a breeze! The Steel structure of the roof and ceiling, coupled with the beautiful ceiling finish allow for easy roof access and durability so you can walk on your roof to clean it. Just use a hose to remove debris and your job is done!  SolarSpan® lends itself to not only repairs and replacements, but to new installations as well. It is both beautiful and an economic option for those requiring a design that is a little more cost conscience.  Either option provides the beauty and durability we are so proud to offer.

Trimdek® is another economical option. Trimdek® can be used in commercial or residential applications as either wall or roofing material.  Trimdek® panels are both easy and economical to install, keeping your labour costs down, leaving money for other fun items like an array of awnings and shades that are available in colours to match.  Trimdek® has a capillary design that assures it is water tight down to a two degree pitched roof installation.  Trimdek® is also available in a variety of Colorbond® colours to enhance your structure or make up a portion of your structure itself.  Trimdek® is made of BlueScope® Steel as well.

Don’t hesitate to call The Patio Factory, ABN 63 160 267 069, so we can discuss your options and help make the right decisions to meet your needs and your budget. Call today. Our quotations and consultations are free.